Colombian Hass Avocado


Keith Agoada

On August 13th, 2017, Mike Pence, Vice President of the United States of America announced that the U.S. will begin permitting Colombian avocados imports.

Here is the information from the USDA:

Colombian Avocados USDA Import Requirements
USDA Import Requirements for Colombian Avocados

Many Colombian growers, packers and exporters have come to the realization that the process of phytosanitary certification, will in many cases delay farms 12 months or more to get everything in order and approved. Nonetheless there is strong momentum, and the 2019 avocados congress is being hosted in Colombia.

Despite the obstacles Colombian entrepreneurs are enthusiastic to find solutions, and create a thriving export industry to North America.

Mission Produce's July 25th deal with Cartama further established Colombia as a serious player in Hass avocados in the future.

Colombian producers have successfully shipped Hass avocados to Europe but accessing a US market that is dominated by Mexico and California for much of the year, may be a more difficult task.

There seems to be a solid window in July to October when Mexico is down, but it is still to be determined how many containers of avocados will be exported from Colombia during this window.

There are diverse growing regions and a strong second flower. This ought to provide a larger range of harvest window, but the main seasons appears to be November to March.

Many are observing Colombia's avocado industry and are looking forward to seeing how this matures. There is an abundance of affordable agriculture real estate with Haas avocado growing conditions in Colombia. There is certainly a potential for further development and output.

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